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  • Jan 12 - led by Elena Buibas
  • September 28, 2019 - led by Jacky Kapadia
    Gaming is best part of life to relief from stress when human are busy with heavy work load. Hope You Will Enjoy Thanks
  • August 14, 2019 - led by Nubia Cardoso
    .As plantas embelezam os ambientes, produzem oxigênio. E a mesma emite um clima de harmonia para todos.Incentivar as pessoas, a cuidarem mais da natureza.
  • July 17, 2019 - led by Iñigo Montoya
    El Café Epigenético permite realizar Modificaciones Genéticas en tu Cuerpo, sin alterar el ADN, es decir que este café permite SILENCIAR GENES que son perjudiciales para Nuestro Cuerpo, y Permite ACTIVAR otros que son BENEFICIOSOS para Nosotros, como por ejemplo Retrasar el Envejecimiento de las Cél...
  • July 16, 2019 - led by Pedro Filho
    Cuidar da natureza, é cuidar da vida. E a vida é uma arte de viver.





1. Users Free: The social network Agrolifecoin will always be free for all users and everyone will have the right to affiliate program that has 5 levels deep and unlimited width, where they earn 10% of the first level and 5% in the second, to the fifth level of depth, whenever their direct or indirect buy something.


2. Users PRO: The social network Agrolifecoin also offers a subscription PRO for an amount of 300 Euros in a single payment for life, for users who want to use all network resources, have more space and rights in it and earn double commissions in the affiliate program, 20% of the first level and 10% to level 5, whenever their direct or indirect buy something.


Gain free members!

All members earn free credits every day for each activity to do in the social network. In addition, they will earn in the affiliate program every time someone of your directs or indirects make a purchase, such as shown in the following table:



Gain PRO members!

All PRO members, with a payment of €300 for life, earn double in the credits and in the Affiliate Program. They also have the right to publish ads Classifieds Without Limits, create your Online Store , Videos and Channels. The gain in the affiliate program will be as shown in the following table: