Recent Events

  • April 23 - hosted by Elvira Jianu
    Gimnastică artistică: Marian Drăgulescu a câștigat medalia de aur la sol la Campionatele Europene de la Cluj-Napoca
  • April 23 - hosted by Elvira Jianu
    Evenimentul cel mai aşteptat din timpul Zilelor Braşovului, Parada Junilor, care va avea loc duminică, va începe de la ora 11.00 şi se va desfăşura pe traseul devenit deja tradiţional: Piaţa Unirii, str. C-tin Brâncoveanu, Str. G. Bariţiu, str. Mureşenilor, Bd. Eroilor, Str. Republicii, Piaţa Sfatul...
  • April 22 - hosted by Elvira Jianu
    Data: 22-04-2017 Ora: 10:00 Locatia: Cluj Napoca, Cluj Arena Transilvania Tuning Show are loc la Cluj Napoca între 22-23 aprilie 2017 la Cluj Arena.
  • April 21 - hosted by Elvira Jianu
    21 aprilie 2017 intre 19:00 si 20:30 Program complet Teatru Teatrul Particular Braşov
  • April 20 - hosted by Elvira Jianu
    CONCERT PINK MARTINI LA SALA PALATULUI DIN BUCUREȘTI Data: 20-04-2017 Ora: 20:00 Locatia: Sala Palatului, București





Agrolifecoin is a social network of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, where everyone can have their own stores to sell or buy products, both farmers and companies dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and tools.
In addition we will have our own free cryptocurrency decentralized and mining, with discharge wallets, mobile application and integration for businesses worldwide.


Our mission
Agrolifecoin is here to stay.
Our mission is to be the first Social Network for Tools and Agriculture Products. We strive to deliver value to investors while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment to our users and our business partners on agriculture, always striving of honesty, fairness and integrity.


Our vision
The responsibility for Agrolifecoin is to continuously improve all aspects of the world in which we develop our operations (environment, society, economy) creating a better future. Our vision is to launch initiatives that benefit users and be committed to creating value for both the producer and the consumer, becoming Agrolifecoin in a truly sustainable company.



Our currency AGLC!
Agrolifecoin (AGLC) operates with algorithm 256 sha like Bitcoin. It is our own free cryptocurrency decentralized and mining, with wallets download, mobile application and integration for businesses worldwide. We are listed on the exchange house ALCUREX, where everyone can buy and sell the currency.